A Modern Workspace

for Builders, Innovators, & Visionaries

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Welcome to The Workspace, located in the heart of downtown Fort Wayne at The Landing.

Here, we offer more than just a workspace; we're building a hub where modern professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators find a conducive environment to advance their work. 

With our membership plans, office leasing, and event venue rental options, we invite you to explore a place where curiosity is championed, excellence is pursued, and a diverse community of goal-oriented individuals await you.

Whether you need a desk, an office, or a venue for your next event, The Workspace is where your journey towards success gets a tangible address.

Membership Plans

Discover our assorted membership options, each tailored to meet your unique professional aspirations, and become an integral part of a community committed to making a lasting impact. Your journey toward achieving success amidst a supportive and stimulating community commences here at The Workspace at Paper Mill.

Among the hum of ambitious undertakings, we present you with tailored options to complement your professional journey.

Worker typing on laptop

Cafe Membership

Your Launch Pad to Productivity

This membership entitles you to settle into any open space in our common areas from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, with the modern-day essentials of free WiFi and an endless stream of complimentary coffee fueling your endeavors.

Our dual-zone approach is a nod to diverse work styles: 

  • Our "library" area awaits those with the promise of an understood desire for focus. 

  • If casual conversations or coffee meetings spark your creativity, you'll find our large kitchen and lounge to be the ideal hub for engaging discussions and idea-sharing.

Desk with laptop and items.

Designated Desk

Your Personal Haven of Focus

​Step into a space of your own with our Designated Desk Membership. For only $299 per month, claim a dedicated desk that remains solely yours. With a 3-month minimum commitment, it’s an ideal blend of consistency and flexibility.

Situated in the quieter "library" section of our workspace, this membership provides a conducive environment for focused work.

Additionally, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a locked storage space for your belongings.

Member Testimonials

  • “The best space in the city. No other options like it.”

    – Austin L.

  • “I love being here rather than home. As a remote worker, I've gained some amazing coworkers here. It's like a second family that's not far away on Zoom. Also, it's on the Landing. The energy of those around me keep me energized, plus I bump into people I know all the time. It's a good community.”

    – Alex L.

  • “There's not a better location in Fort Wayne for connecting and colliding with business leaders."

    – Craig C.

Office Leases

Team Office Space
Individual Office Space

Situated in the lively and dynamic downtown area at The Landing, our lease rates are competitively priced to align with our community-centric mission, poised between high-end and more economical offerings nearby.

​Included in our rates are essential utilities like WiFi, along with access to our conference room, full kitchen, and brainstorming areas, topped with complimentary coffee to keep the innovative energy flowing. While various parking options are available in the vicinity, they are not included in the lease.

Security is paramount; enjoy the reassurance provided by key fob entry and individual office locks, ensuring a secure workspace. Commit to a minimum 6-month lease, and personalize your unfurnished office to reflect your brand's ethos, or explore our furnishing options.

​We understand that your hustle extends beyond standard office hours. That’s why our office tenants enjoy 24/7 access to their workspace, granting the liberty to work on your terms, whenever inspiration strikes.

  • Team of 4-8: $1,875/month

  • 1-person office: $500/month

People at an event at The Workspace

Special Events Venue

Unveil the potential of your gatherings in a space designed to foster connections and celebrate milestones. Paper Mill Workspace opens its doors for special events after regular hours, providing a spacious and inspiring venue that accommodates up to 60 guests.

At a competitive rate of $125 per hour, transform our space to reflect the spirit of your event, be it a product launch, networking mixer, or a corporate celebration. With the lively ambiance of The Landing as your backdrop, your events take on an extra layer of vibrancy at Paper Mill Workspace.

Person writing notes at a community meetup

Community Meetup Space

Building a community of like-minded individuals is at the core of what we stand for at Paper Mill Workspace. Our meetup space is a hub for local groups, offering a conducive environment for engaging discussions and collaborative learning at a nominal rate of $25 per hour. Whether it's community-hosted monthly meetups, or your own members’ scheduled gatherings, this space is a canvas for collective intellectual exploration. Join us in creating a continuum of learning and sharing amongst the local community of innovators and thought leaders.

Conference room

Meeting Room

Our well-equipped conference room is available for rent for $30 per hour, offering an ideal setting for company off-sites with a capacity of up to 12 individuals.


Our workspace is designed to cater to your comfort and convenience. With a full kitchen equipped with a stove, free-flowing coffee, two lounges, a conference room, and two brainstorming stations, we've got your work-day essentials covered.

Our planned future outdoor deck will be a refreshing spot to catch a breath of fresh air and on good-weather days, take your laptop or strategy session outside for a fresh perspective. 

The aesthetic blend of glass and brick walls in our large offices, coupled with windows that open and usher in natural light, create an ambiance of warmth and openness.

Beyond the workspace, immerse in the charm of The Landing. This historic locale has metamorphosed into a modern-day hub, boasting an array of eateries, boutiques, and urban living spaces. Its vibrant atmosphere is a testament to the blend of tradition and contemporary innovation that Fort Wayne embodies. Explore more about The Landing.

Kitchen area

Schedule a Tour

Discover the unique offerings of Paper Mill Workspace firsthand by scheduling a tour of our space. Our guided tours provide a comprehensive insight into our versatile workspace options, community-centric environment, and the array of amenities that fuel your productivity and creativity. Experience the vibrant atmosphere and envision how your daily work routine can be elevated. Our team is eager to walk you through the space, answer any questions, and discuss how Paper Mill Workspace can cater to your professional aspirations. Schedule your tour today and step closer to finding your ideal workspace amidst a community of innovators.

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